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We are dedicated to providing top-notch landscaping services for the death care industry. Our focus is to create beautiful, tranquil spaces for those who are grieving.

Our team of experienced professionals take the time to ensure that every service is completed to the highest standards, while keeping the needs and budgets of our clients in mind. 

Landscape Design

We understand the importance of creating a budget-friendly and serene environment for our clients. We appreciate the respect for history of properties, whether it's a cemetery, funeral home, or any other property-type in the death care industry. We are committed to serving our clients with the utmost respect and care.


 The goal is to create outdoor spaces that honor and respect the history of the properties and the families that they serve.


Our team of experts is highly experienced in assessing and managing the unique conditions of your property, such as climate, soil type and local ordinances, to ensure the optimal efficiency of your irrigation system.

Inspections and assessments are completed routinely to help you make the most of your irrigation system and keep it running as efficiently and sustainably as possible. 

Tree Services

Tree services provide a variety of options to ensure your trees remain beautiful and healthy.  Our services include pruning, fallen tree clean up, transplanting, fertilization, consulting, and stump grinding. We also offer removal services for trees that are beyond repair.


We take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality services to keep their trees looking beautiful and healthy while preserving them for years to come in their natural environment.

Year Round Maintenance

Our year-round property maintenance services help keep your property clean and tidy during the off-season months.


Fallen branches and debris will be removed and reports given on any conditions that may need further attention. With regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your property will remain looking its best all year round.


Through the use of our proprietary software, clients are provided with real time notifications at the start and end of all services.  Including photo verification, so you can always be sure that the services you have requested have been completed.  This provides our clients peace of mind and also helps them to create budgets to keep track of expenses and ensure they stay within their budget.  With our software, you'll have the assurance that your services are handled with care and accuracy.

Calm Sea

Preserving Peace

This is more than a statement, it is the promise of our company.   We will:

Provide services with respect and dignity.

Ensure properties look and feel peaceful, with an appreciation of perpetual care.

Preserve the natural tranquility of every location.


About Us

At Piedmont Cemetery Maintenance, we have been serving the burial service industry and providing property maintenance services for over 15 years. We feel that providing these services is our calling, and we take pride in servicing our clients and fostering long term relationships. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive property maintenance services to meet the needs of our clients.


We strive to create a serene atmosphere for families who are grieving and bereaved. The families who are cared for by our clients should feel at peace and know that their loved ones will be taken care of for years to come.

Our Clients

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We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.

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